Die hintere Vase
JHM/Cologne 2000
Meat Hat
Konnex 2005/Berlin

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Eric Schaefer

Michael Anderson: trumpet
Eric Schaefer: drums
Michael Thieke: clarinet, alto clarinet, alto saxophone

Compositions with variable rigidity. Improvisations with self imposed rules that are there to be broken. Constant transformation of materials, undefinable borders between improvised and composed parts. The music contains elements from New Music to Noise to Contemporary Jazz to Hardcore. Not as a musical style collage, but a collision of images, splinters of atmospheres, a wandering between moods.
Nickendes Perlgras, founded in 1999, made radio productions for RBB, BR und RadioKultur and played at the festivals Jazz im Goethe Garten (Goethe Institut Lisbon/P 2007), ZJFT (Groningen/NL 2006), Contemporaneamente (Lodi/I 2006), Festival de la Cité (Lausanne/CH 2005), Jazz Focus (Berlin/D 2003) and In Planten und Blomen (Hamburg/D 2000)

The Band existed until 2007


Music of subversive beauty. JAZZ NOTES (F)
Nickendes Perlgras is one of the the most exciting sounds presently coming out of Berlin. KINDA MUZIK (NL)
A splendid and powerful Trio. BLOW UP (I)
The music is very joyful, full of wit and soul,.. a very complete and human music. VITAL WEEKLY (NL)
This melica nutans is addictive, once digested. TAZ (D)
A refreshingly impertinent product with depth! CONCERTO (A)
Powerful music, dynamic music, a sound verging on hard, fat drums, precise timing, very clear structured forms, improvisations that mesh perfectly in the ensemble sound... in any case it is a music firmly rooted in its time. JAZZMAN (F)
Nickendes Perlgras makes music that is free to roam, essentially melodic, accessible, intelligent, and, above all, deeply human. Recommended. EXCLAIM MAGAZINE (CAN)
Pieces full of complex developments and grotesque poetry...the Berlin musicians maintain their orientation in their aural garden with the sovereignty of people who wander in their own dreams... JAZZPODIUM (D)
The Band offered two entertaining sets of unusually self-willed contemporary music. NEU ULMER ZEITUNG (D)
A refreshing music. IMPROJAZZ (F)


Michael Thieke 
clarinet | composer/performer
*1971 in Düsseldorf/D , lives in Berlin and Rome
Michael Thieke is currently involved in a number of projects which focus on diverse and contrasting facets of his musical interest. They reach from song based bands, outer jazz areas, totally composed material to projects with the concentration on the silent noises and sounds. 
Some of his current Projects are: Michael Thieke Unununium (with Luca Venitucci acc/p, Eric Schaefer dr, Derek Shirley b, CD on charhizma), The International Nothing (with Kai Fagaschinski cl, CD on ftarri), The Magic  I.D. (with Christof Kurzmann, Kai Fagaschinski, Margareth Kammerer, CD on ErstPop), Hotelgäste (with Derek Shirley b, Dave Bennett g, CD on schraum), Nickendes Perlgras (with Michael Anderson tp, Eric Schaefer dr, CD on JHM and Konnex),  TGW  (with Christian Weber b, Michael Griener dr, CD on ayler records), Spirit Songs (with Mike Cooper voc/g, Elio Martusciello el, Fabrizio Spera dr, Luca Venitucci acc/el.), Roman Tics (with Burkhard Beins, Luca Venitucci, CD on Cathnor).
He played on festivals such as Donaueschinger Musiktage (Donaueschingen/D 2007), Jazz a Mulhouse (Mulhouse/F 2007), Standard:Abweichung (Marburg/D 2007), Risonanze (Venezia/I 2007), Ahornfelder Festival (Leipzig/D 2007), Stuttgarter Jazztage (Stuttgart/D 2007), Music Unlimited (Wels/A 2006), ZJFT (Groningen/NL 2006), Contemporaneamente (Lodi/I 2006), Festival de la Cité (Lausanne/CH 2005), Jazz em Agosto (Lisbon/P 2005), International Jazz Festival Münster  (Münster/D 2005), Jazz Focus (Berlin/D 2003), Festival Brugge (Brugge/B 2002), Kryptonale (Berlin/D 2002), Konstanzer Jazzherbst (Konstanz/D 2002), Wintersongs (Cologne/D 2001), In Planten und Blomen (Hamburg/D 2000).

Michael Anderson
trumpet, composition
*1969 Anaheim/Kalifornien (USA), lives in Berlin
1988- 1990 non-finished studies at the Cornish College of the Arts/Seattle. lessons with Julian Priester, Jerry Granelli, James Knapp 1990- 1995 played trumpet and piano in several ensembles, mainly experimental jazz und salsa, for example Spontaneous Combustion Ensemble (with Julian Priester), Young Composer‘s Collective, or with Eyvind Kang (CD 7Nades at Tzadik), Briggan Krauss.. lives since 1995 in Berlin. actual projects: Nickendes Perlgras, Eric Schaefer Demontage, Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin (among others concerts at Donaueschinger Musiktage,in Strasbourg, Turin,etc with compositions from Salvatore Sciarrino, Michael Sell and others), participation in theatre productions with Claus Peymann.

Eric Schaefer
drums, composition
born in Franfurt a..M./Germany, lives in Berlin
Studied contemporary music with Christoph Caskl, then jazz among others with Jerry Granelli, Steve Davis,composition lessons with James Knapp, Maria Schneider. Concerts and/or recordings with Carlos Bica Azul (withFrank Möbus g), Nickendes Perlgras , Eric Schaefer Demontage (with Daniel Erdmann, Johannes Fink, Michael Anderson, Michael Thieke),Johnny LaMarama (with Kalle Kalima and Chris Dahlgrehn), Das Rosa Rauschen (with John Schroeder, Felix Wahnschaffe, Oliver Potratz); Ed Schuller , Herb Robertson , Gebhard Ullmann , David Moss. productions for the german radio stations BR and DeutschlandRadio. He played on Festivals in Porto, Lissabon, Hamburg, Montreal, Vilnius, Copenhagen, Den Haag, Jazz Baltica Salzau, Frankfurt and Essen.
selected discography:Nickendes Perlgras „Die hintere Vase“ Jazzhausmusik/Köln 2000; Demontage „Demontage“ Jazzhausmusik/ Köln 2002, Johnny LaMarama „Johnny LaMarama“ MetaRecords/Berlin 2003; Das rosa Rauschen „II“ Konnex/Berlin 2003; Carsten Daerr Trio „Purple Cool Car Sleep“ Traumton/Berlin 2003; Berlin Drums Absinth/Berlin 2004; (em) „call it (em)“ ACT/München 2005, Eric Schaefer Demontage „cut+paste poetry“ schöner hören/2005


Nickendes Perlgras

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